Psychedelic Research, Education and Policy (PREP)

Our Mission:

The mission of PREP - a Threshold Foundation Funding Circle - is to support research, organizations, and initiatives that facilitate the safe, thoughtful, and legal use of psychedelics as tools for medicinal and spiritual benefit.

Why are Psychedelics Important?

Over the past few years the world has seen unprecedented momentum in the research and study of psychedelics. From studies on working with addiction and treatment resistant PTSD to matters of criminal justice, there is renewed interest in understanding the medicinal and spiritual benefits of these medicines. In an extraordinary New Yorker piece, Michael Pollan wrote that “the revival of psychedelic research today owes much to the respectability of its new advocates.”

Yet there is no doubt that this is a crucial time for the expansion of psychedelic research. Just as we have gained momentum so successfully due to the tireless effort of activists with little reward, we still have much work to be do in order to better understand and make available these tools safely and with compassion. And this under one of the more oppressive political climates of recent years.

In a manner similar to lifting a boat, we seek to support a variety of facets of this movement at once— building community, enabling research, promoting education, and campaigning for sensible drug policy reform.

As Albert Hofmann said the year before he passed away at age 102: “Alienation from nature and the loss of the experience of being part of the living creation is the greatest tragedy of our materialistic era. It is the causative reason for ecological devastation and climate change. Therefore I attribute absolute highest importance to consciousness change. I regard psychedelics as catalyzers for this.”

2019 Grantmaking Cycle

Each year, Threshold Funding Circles will have a single, 6-month grantmaking cycle from February to August.  


PREP seeks to support smart and safe psychedelic use as a medicine, a powerful adjunct to therapy, a tool for self-development, and as a result, a meaningful contribution to a more compassionate, healthy, and peaceful society. Misinformation and/or misunderstanding about the safe use of psychedelics can lead to harm. Education for our youth has never been more important. By addressing the three primary areas of psychedelic activity: research, education, and policy, we hope to achieve our goal to be of systemic advantage.
We fund organizations with 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 statuses, and are open to funding internationally. While we would like our grants to make a useful difference in the capacity of the organization to do effective work in key areas, there are no budget limitations to qualify for PREP funding. 
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