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    What are Threshold community meetings like?

Agendas at the biannual meetings include a combination of philanthropic work, personal sharing, organizational business, guest speakers, music, movement, ceremony and fun.

We have observed that social change flows from personal growth. We examine our inner lives and social responsibility simultaneously. Our meetings are less like formal conferences, more like ongoing experiments, with constantly changing areas of interest and inquiry.

Threshold meetings are kept purposefully intimate, and are open only to members, prospective members and invited guest speakers.

Organizational decisions are made as much as possible by consensus, with high value placed on hearing all voices and respecting all views.

The content of our meetings and the list of participants are kept strictly confidential.

    What are grant committee meetings like?
  • Those with specific interests in philanthropy meet in pre-conference committees and engage in an innovative grant evaluation process in which peers help educate and inform each other about issues, themes, priorities and the grantmaking process.

  • The Threshold grant-making experience is non-hierarchical, volunteer-driven, educational, interesting and collegial. Committee members are privileged to tackle together the most pressing cultural and policy issues of our time.

    What is the time commitment involved in being a member?

Threshold has two regular meetings each year, one in summer and one in winter. They typically last five days.

Volunteer time outside of conferences, on either grant or network committees, is an important part of community engagement.

Once a member, you may make such commitments of time and energy to Threshold as your schedule and life circumstances permit.

    What financial commitments would I be asked to make?

The contribution pool from which Threshold Foundation makes its grants is raised annually from our membership. Funds to support special network projects are also raised each year. All members are encouraged to contribute, yet fundraising is kept conscientiously low-key.

A detailed breakdown of current dues and conference costs, and which fees are tax deductible, may be obtained from the Threshold office

    How do I become a member?

A current member may sponsor you.

If you do not have a sponsor you may contact the Threshold office and they may assist you in finding a sponsor.

Once sponsored, you will receive information about our community and begin the interview process with the membership committee.

    How do I decide if Threshold is the right community for me?

Read all sections of this website.

Ask to speak to a Membership Committee representative.

The best way to get to know us is to engage in the sponsorship process and come to a new-member orientation and a regular meeting. Your first meeting will serve as an important period of mutual discernment.

    How can I find out more?

Review our Annual Reports.

If you are seeking information about Threshold’s annual Grants Cycle, please visit the Grants Section.

Contact us.

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